I have spent a long time trying to understand the dynamics of a healthy relationship with the world of running and want to share that knowledge with you.  As your run coach, I am here to develop a plan to achieve your running goals. Together we can create a plan that feels safe and joyful & I'll be encouraging you every step of the way. From newbies to race freaks, I can help you feel confident and stay safe in the world of running. 

I have also created pre-recorded running workouts available for download. These workouts range in tempo, speed and just an enjoyable fun run. Peep my Patreon page to get these workouts!



Lara Saget

"Liz makes running feel accessible! I never ran in my life. I decided to run the half marathon last year. I was not sure how to safely start. Liz guided me through the whole process and made it user friendly and fun! I had such a great time learning from her. She has a love for running that is contagious! I caught the love, and I am now running regularly, even training for my own 18 mile mini marathon this week. I am so grateful for her coaching and teaching. She is an incredible teacher and coach! I was scared of running, and Liz helped me move past the fear.


Ivy Crewdson

"Liz taught me how to run. She is brilliant. I actually despise running. But Liz ran by my side and encouraged me every step of the way. She is a wonderful guide and teacher. Her life philosophy, experience in the physical body, and yogic training make her the best possible running teacher there is - anyone would be lucky to work with Liz! I should also mention Liz is an incredible yoga teacher!



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