I am an energetic, white, able-bodied, athletic, gay, human female. I use the pronouns she/her.  I have always been extremely high energy, which I love about myself, but can be very draining for others. I have used movement to center & ground myself ever since I was a child. When I was younger, my schoolteachers would make me run around the school because I was making it hard for other students to learn. I was tossed into a pool at 6 years old to try to release energy, which grew into swim practice with 2 different swim teams & 6 hours of swim practice a day. As an adult, I run and play to manage my energy, as well as try and tire myself out with mental games, puzzles, and learning. 

I am proud of my curiosity, my loyalty, and my playfulness.  I am working on my insecurities, my impatience, and my procrastination. I aspire to be fair, empathetic, supportive, and a better listener.  I do improv theater because it is fun to play pretend with people who support you.  I love astrology because I find it helpful in understanding behavior. I am full of fire with an Aries sun, Venus, and Mercury & a Sagittarius moon and Rising.  I grew up in Rhode Island and the ocean has always calmed my fire heart. I love to cook, and often cook for yoga retreats and dinner parties.  I love croissants. I repeat, I LOVE CROISSANTS.  I love good bourbon and even better wine. Pain has been my greatest teacher.  I used to be great at numbing out and I have learned (and am still learning) how to soften and feel. I am still learning how to slow down.  I have a lot of growing, learning, and unlearning to do. I encourage engagement and being called in.  I am a supporter of the Black Lives Matter Movement, Gay and Trans rights, Immigrant and refugee rights, and Body Neutral movement. I work hard to strip diet culture out of my life and how I present my offerings to the world. I also know I will fuck up on all of these efforts and will continue to work to do better. 


There has been a lot of chaos in my life, as I am sure in the lives of all. My journey has been to work with this chaos to stay grounded and connected to human beings all while appreciating myself and the work.